The beginning of Tab

by Venses Tab • in misc • on Nov. 11, 2015


Hi, this is Venses Tab. When I was in junior high school, I started listening electronic music. At that time, I quite enjoyed the music taking me floating above mind sea. My mp3 was used to load lots of industrial-loud electronic noise, you should wonder that why a boy had this strange passion on such noise in his early life. You know what, because the beats are truly epic! Until now, I still love plugging earphone, wandering in digital labyrinth.

Play around

In the beginning of my college's life, I ask myself, "How about I compose my own music?". Thanks to the prosperity of clubs in my college, there is a club teaching me composing digital music using Ableton Live, and also I learn some DJ skills. When time goes on, the laziness of attitude and loads of assignment let me often get tired of practicing.


Luckily, Tim and I found Stringbulbs. We have lots of memories of thinking game ideas when we were little. This time, in November, we launch a new project for our first game. In this team, Tim is as programmer, and I am as soundtrack producer, maybe sometimes help Tim program a little bit, ugh..., all I want to say is I hope this work can motivate me to find my lost passion about music composition.


Before 2015 ends, I promise I will finish a set for DJ performance and one experimental music soundtrack. Also, in leisure time, I will post some my opinion and thought about music and project here, hope you guys have a nice day!