Make a professional game

by Tim Liou • in wastale • on Nov. 09, 2015

Casey Muratori launched a brilliant project Handmade Hero last year. I still remember how excited I was when I watched the very first episode of Handmade Hero. After following 70 episodes, I start thinking what I could use from what I learned. I am not saying I will stop following this project or I have leaned enough from it. I just mean that I am the kind of person can learn more by doing. Therefore, I decide to make my own game.

Why now?

I am a college student right now. Basically, I can say this period of time is the most free time in my whole life. I can learn whatever I want and do whatever I want. One reason why I choose computer science as my college major is my passion for indie games. Indie games truly rock my soul. I saw something very unique in them. Unlike AAA games, I can feel real "connect" between players and game designers. That definitely is what I want to do in the future.

What genre will this game be?

I love puzzle games like Braid and roguelike games like The Binding of Isaac. As my first game, this game might be a 2D roguelike game. When I was a junior high school student, I really enjoyed the excitement of fighting huge enemies in Monster Hunter but sucked at the feature of collecting materials for forging weapons. In this game, I will get rid of the concept of collecting and focus on the weapon system and huge enemies. I will talk about them in the later posts.


  • Finish this game before I graduate.
  • Ship on Windows and Linux at least since I only have machines with these operation systems now.

Keep going on

Actions speak louder than words. Procrastination is the horrible enemy. I will post something new about Wastale at least every two weeks. You have my word.